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We Are the bottlers and distributors of mineral water from the mineral springs capital of Australia. Fed up with seeing imported water on the tables of  local cafes and restaurants, and water from our area being trucked out and being bottled in Melbourne and beyond with no benefit for our local community, we decided to do something about it.

With a long history in the hospitality industry working for people such as Stephanie Alexander, Geoff Lindsay and Pearl, Cafe Cucina and Il Bacaro, Tansy Good, The Bortolotto family, Madame Joe Joes, Peppermint Bay, as well as degrees in Agricultural Science and Farm Management we have a passion for the provenance of our food and the food security of our community in the future.

Our products are natural, beautiful, and local. All of our production takes place in the “Spa Country” and all of our packaging is made from within 100 kilometres of the spring. Where ever possible we use recycled materials. We  only bottle in glass and are always investigating more efficient and environmentally friendly packaging techniques.

We employ local people to value add a local resource for the benefit of the local community. Our broader aim is to offer Melburnians, Victorians, and Australians the opportunity to choose between a beautiful local product and imported ones (from up to 16000 kilometres away) that are triumphs of lifestyle marketing spin. Now more than ever the decision to purchase locally produced food, that is created, grown or manufactured by locally owned businesses instead of imported foods or foods manufactured by multi- national companies is an immensely important one.

We hope you find our site useful, and we enjoy your feedback

Brylie and Mitch

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