Friends With Benefits

Not being much crack at maths, this equation might not be the solid stuff of Pythagoras or Archimedes, but I’m pretty sure even they would agree that:

famous customer = famous friend = famous us³

So, you can imagine we almost pie-r-squared our pants when we  saw this photo in The Age last weekend. That’s Kellie Sutherland from Architecture in Helsinki and THAT’S a bottle of our mineral water in her fridge! Woopee!! …Not that we’re excited. Famous people don’t get excited, they get new Wayfarers.

Still, as we bask in our new found fame, rocking designer shades and new you’ll-all-be-wanting-one haircuts, we have to wonder… should we quit our day jobs and just hire Rachel Zoe now, or did we maybe spring for the punk-nouveau-page-boy cuts a little prematurely?

I know, I know, when is a page-boy cut EVER a bad idea? Still, as we perfect our best paparazzi pouts, it couldn’t hurt to see whether we have more than one famous friend… I mean, if I’m calling Oprah’s people (and I am… eight times a day… or so…) to let her know she’ll defs be wanting to come out of retirement to interview us, I want to make sure we’re as famous as we think we are…

So the hunt is on! Not in the creepy, stalker, wear-this-vile-of-mineral-water-around-your-neck kind of way. But maybe you’ll see a celebrity one day. And maybe they’ll be chugging down a Hepburn water… Or maybe they’ll look thirsty and you’ll offer them one. Should you ever find yourself in either of these incredibly likely scenarios, snap that celebrity, send us the snap and then we’ll be your friend and you’ll be famous too! SNAPS!!

Just remember when you’re shielding your Ray-Bans from the paparazzi with your fashionable yet functional page-boy cut, we taught you everything you know…


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